The Dutch National Prosecution Service and police launched an Hidden Service on the darknet today. The launch was announced by the Dutch Public Prosecution Service (Openbaar Ministerie, OM) who claimed that it took place within the framework of ‘Operation Hyperion’.

The site lists a number of usernames for online dark market vendors, based on the Netherlands - it is common on dark markets for vendors to list their origin country, allowing buyers to select the best option for them - as this can often greatly reduce the risk of shipping related security issues.

Among the vendors listed are vendors who sell across major darknet markets including AlphaBay, Hansa and Valhalla:

  • DutchCandyShop
  • FrankMatthews
  • Etos
  • DutchFarmerNL
  • DutchMagic
  • DutchDelights
  • FromAmsterdam
  • Partyflockcrew
  • DCDutchConnectionGroup
  • PartySquadNL
  • DrugsFromAmsterdam
  • QualityWhite

Of the claimed vendors that have been arrested, most appear to from small of defunct markets (BMR, Evolution and Silk Road 1 - suggesting that these arrests have originated from evidence collected during the seizure of old markets, and are not the result of exploiting flaws in newer markets.):

According to ICE "Operation Hyperion resulted in a number of law enforcement leads on cases related to the buying and selling of illicit drugs and other goods on the Darknet."

However, we suspect that this is mostly a PR stunt and a little troll based on the websites FAQ section where the agencies provide advice about what you should do if you have been falsely listed:

My username is falsely mentioned

If you think that this website mistakenly mentions your username on this website please get in touch with the Dutch police.

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