After years of crappy representation I just wanna publish something filled with queer hacking & sex & "fuck your conservative sensibilities"

Our world is shaped by the voices that we hear. Unfortunately, the stories we need to hear the most are often the ones that end up being drowned out.

Queer Hacking is a publishing project aimed at telling the stories of queer women, men & non-binary persons who are hacking the world.

We want to hear real stories about queer people and queer projects.

Perhaps you are building queer friendly sex toys or creating tools to empower sex workers. Maybe you are developing new ways for people to express their gender or sexuality, or simply hacking your way around the system.

In particular we are really interested in the stories & technical projects of queer women & non-binary people.

Whatever your story, if you can imagine it fitting within "Queer Hacking" we want to hear it.

Submission Guidelines

  • Identify as queer i.e. not heterosexual and/or not cisgender.
  • Send an email to with "Queer Hacking:" at the start of the subject.
  • The email should be no more than 200 words and provide a brief outline of the article or art that you want to contribute.
  • Pseudonyms are welcome. We will never ask you to prove your identity.


Submissions will be open until October 31st 2017.

Notification of acceptances will be sent out on a rolling basis.

After acceptance, we will work out individualized final submission timelines with each contributor.

You must be able to submit a final draft of your work on or before February 28th 2018.


All contributors that are accepted and who go onto complete a work for Queer Hacking will be paid between $150 - $500 CAD depending on word count / production time etc. - to be agreed upon after acceptance.

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